Säädettävät (Variable Speed) kaasujouset


For applications where the extending speed of the gas spring has to be adjustable, DICTATOR offers the SEH variable speed gas spring. It combines the system of a gas spring with the functioning of a hydraulic damper. The variable speed gas spring consists of two connected cylinders. To adapt the extending speed exactly to the application it can always be regulated by the adjusting screw.

Variable speed gas springs with technical calculation service


On demand, the variable speed gas spring can also be fabricated with final damping. This, in a gentle way, additionally slows down the movement before the final position and prevents the loud and hard banging of e.g. the leafs of folding doors. This is especially important when there should be adjusted a high extending speed.

Tekninen suunnittelupalvelu

Our technical advisory service will gladly calculate the adequate variable speed gas spring for your application. Just contact us. We will find the appropriate solution to your problem, too.